imagery has always been central to my Life . . .

. . . heightened, possibly even seeded, when I tried vainly to convince my first grade teacher the front door of my home was really, really, really, blue! 

Somehow, the blue door on my still damp watercolor didn’t match her own vision of reality. 

Whether created by the spoken word/by picture/ by sound, or quietly written; building upon visions has guided me down many paths.

One meandering path I've always returned to was that of a somewhat quirky film editor, writer/producer, Emmy / Award-winning filmmaker/videomaker. Always, at every moment, looking' out/in for the silent spaces "between".

My separate/sacred, photography space is a game of discovery. Of discovering, of capturing, wee bits of silence in/between every moment. Those who hear this stillness, are invited to fill those silent spaces with their own personal stories, meaning and/or emptiness.

The vast majority of my photographs are spontaneous. I kinda' think of them as the results of "gentle passion", "post-meditation", and a "blue door"!

- Stan

p.s., list of exhibitions and awards at: bio