Photo of the Week 6.24.18 - 6.30.18


Summer, new growth only wants to be nurtured. Not too much to ask for, one would think . . . . . . .

Tender Growth. . . 

Actually, the plant world comes with a massive, built/in web of mutual life support and intelligence. It’s us, misslabeled, “higher animals” that get to excercise our “free will” to nurture/ignore/harm/destroy. So, how are we doin' using our "gift"?

Slipped Through The Cracks

"Distraction" has been a major theme of the past year and a half, both personally and in the larger world. 

Just last week I remembered to "ask" about the fate of two prints I donated, back in 2016, to a fundraiser auction for the Southern California, non-profit "Autism Now".

Both prints were purchased.

'Tis always, no matter when, a good feeling to know that what I "get" for my own soul-work also "gives" to individuals and community.

Threefer's are nice!





Moi, du jour

Except for a "naked on a rug" photo session as a baby, the only other portrait of me by a professional photographer was when I was interviewed 20+ years ago for an article in the San Jose Mercury News.

Until last night.  

While sittin' and "talkin' shop" with photographer friend - "Kinggy" - he suggested an impromptu portrait session. Really a cool/fun/amazing experience to be on the "other" side of the lens and guided by an experienced "pro". In a few minutes, with one room light, a small mirror for fill, and deep experience. . . . . .

third of three professional portraits in 70+ years

so, a big thank-you to Kinggy . . . . . . . 

Photo of the Week 4.08.18 - 4.14.18

A framed print of "Between the Raindrops" will be offered at auction during the Triton Museum of Art's annual fundraising gala "Cinco De Mayo". That'll be from 6:00p to 9:00p, on May 5th (could'a guessed, eh?) at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, California.

Between the Raindrops